Vehicles Line Icons




This handpicked collection of 45 vehicle icons is part of the LineKing icon-set that you can find it here.

LineKing does not contain a separate collection focused solely on vehicles, and different vehicle icons are as part of different icon collections, but due to a big interest to have all vehicle shapes in one place, I’ve wrapped this custom pack just specific needs.


Before going any further, make sure you download these additional 80 icons and get a taste of it.


Thickness Control. All icons are designed in a way that you can control the thickness of the stroke with only a change in number.

Ultra Consistency. Level of details, perspective, mood, curve radius… All icons share these atributes equally, making them a one cohesive icon-set. This is really important folks!

Infinite Scalability. This goes without saying. All icons are designed as vectors, therefore they can be limitlessly scaled and work great at any size.

Unlimited Projects. You can use the icons in as many projects as you want, as long as you don’t use more than 100 icons per project.

Formats for Everyone. Equipped with all the file-formats you’d expect included: AI (with full stroke control), SVG (web-optimized) and PNG (sliced in 5 sizes: 60×60, 90×90, 120×120, 180×180 & 240×240.)

iOS Optimized. Oh, and did I mentioned they are iOS optimized? All icons are crafted upon a grid of 60×60 pixels, making them blend perfectly into your iOS app.

To see the complete pack of all collections, head on to the compete LineKing icons library.

Note: This product won’t be in any discounted bundle this year by a third-part marketplace, so if are waiting to get it cheaper, you’ll need to wait a bit longer. There might be however, a Christmas deal, a reasonable discount, which I’ll do that here, on CreativeMarket.